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E.Z.Cap bottles contain more glass than the average bottle, which means they'll last longer and can hold more pressure than immitations. They are reusable, making them the ideal eco-friendly choice over recyclable glass bottles. E.Z.Cap bottles are tested and guaranteed to 100psi - perfect for high-carbonation beverages, such as kombucha. Our swing-top cap keeps carbonation better than a crown top, but if you prefer a crown top, our bottles are fitted for that too. We Carry: Clear, Amber and Cobalt Blue bottles in 1L and 500ml sizes.

Swing-Top Bottles


We make our own caps and washers. We produce and assemble our own food-grade, BPA and lead-free swing-top caps by hand, right here in Alberta, Canada in a CSA approved facility. We carry replacement caps and washers, as well as: bottle brushes, bottle handles, and spigots.



Whether you're looking for ISB 341ml, 355ml or 650ml beer bottles, we have your options covered. Available in screw top or crown cap finishes. Please note: we do not sell crown caps.

Beer Bottles


For the traditionalist in you - these 2L/64 oz growlers are perfect for refilling at your favorite pub and taking home to enjoy. The swing-top closures will keep your brew nicely carbonated!

2L Growlers


Falling in Love with Glass

How do you establish an environmentally-friendly image? Glass has been used for centuries as a high-quality, robust packaging choice. It portrays beauty, versatility, health and endless recyclability. Glass is a sustainable choice. It is becoming more and more relevant as a choice of purity for the products we bottle and for our planet. Glass shows you value what you bottle. Glass is a high-quality, robust packaging material. It is shaping how we make memorable moments and live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Why Glass

Glass bottles contain no harmful chemicals so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leeching into your brew, they’re easy to clean and don’t scratch, so no spaces for bacteria to grow, glass maintains the purity of taste of the beverage, unlike plastics and cans, it’s durable and environmentally friendly.

Customer Reviews

"Not only are these bottle the least expensive I have found anywhere, the quality is fantastic! They wash up well, survived hitting the floor and look great all filled and lined up. My kombucha is looking very lovely and enticing. Not sure how I will handle people wanting to try a bottle… I may require a deposit to ensure I get the bottle back!"


Owner | Life's About Joy

"Our first all-glass bottling session went very well Monday evening. The guys were happy with the bottles, and we all appreciated not having to fuss with washing and tightening plastic caps! It’ll be nice to retire the plastic bottles — and we all like how the new ones have solid bases that resist tipping while filling."


Home Brewer