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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


Our bottle has been in North America for 30+ years and is one of the best on the market, this is sure to inspire knock-offs. There are a lot of thin Chinese manufactured knockoffs available, but they do not offer the same guarantee for pressure and use much less glass and may not be quality tested for harmful materials in the glass. You know you have an authentic e.z.cap bottle when you see our logo printed on the bottom of the glass! 

  • Z-Cap bottles are tested and guaranteed at 100 psi. Our thick glass design and sturdy swing cap make them one of the strongest on the market at handling higher carbonated beverages. A perfect addition to
    any Homebrewers collection. We are a family-owned business located in North America
  • Our products have been on sale in North America for over 30+ years. We have a reputation for high quality and personal service that we take extremely seriously. 

We guarantee our E.Z.Cap bottles to 100 PSi. 

  • Our caps start off hard to close but after the first time closing, they will loosen quite a bit. This is what give them their air tight seal, you can try using two hands to close. If you want you can use a table as a pressure point to close the first time, see the following video (YouTube, search for “Trick for tight swingtops”)
  • We also sell a universal handle for our bottles/caps that doubles as a way to close them easier. 

Our blue bottles are actually manufactured by adding cobalt in to the clear glass during production. Cobalt is a fairly rare material and thus is expensive to use in manufacturing. In addition, there are not many glass factories in the world who produce true cobalt blue glass, because it requires significant down-time between production runs to clean the excess blue color out of the machines. 

With proper care you can get unlimited uses of your caps. Over time the washers may eventually have a divot form that doesn’t spring back and might lead to a weak seal for your bottles and will need to be replaced.  With proper care, the washers can easily last 1-2 years before needing to be replaced. 

  • There are several options to show a swing-top has not been opened before: Our caps are dual finish. This means they can accommodate a traditional crown cap and also our swing-top. Some people will crown cap the bottle
    for the initial sealing and then leave the swing-top hanging as a convenience for their customers to re-seal after the first drink! You can use a shrink seal sleeve.
  • You can place a label on the neck of the bottle over top of where the metal “arch” for the swing-top sits against the neck, then when the bottle is opened, it will rip this seal showing that the bottle has be opened.  

We offer a 1-month warranty on our bottles. If any issues with the product arise within the first month let us know and If deemed a fault with our product, we will cover the costs of replacing the bottles and caps. We do not cover cost of goods lost from your brewing materials. 


Shipping rates are typically dependant on Size and weight. Since our glass bottles are some of the heaviest weight glass bottles you can buy (means higher quality and holds higher pressures) this unfortunately also means higher shipping rates. Shipping is based using Canada Post rates for your products. We have chosen them because they offer the best rates country wide for our clients. Typically the greater quantity you buy the better rate we can get. If you are buying more than 4 cases of bottles, reach out to us for a quote, we might be able to get you a better shipping rate on a freight carrier! 

Got a broken bottle? We’re sorry to hear that! If you send us a picture of the damages and your order number, we will be glad to replace the damaged product. This applies to our amazon listings as well.